When I was much younger I wondered how my mother did it. Some days I still wonder. The woman was everywhere doing well for the family. If mommy was sick or away, everybody knew she wasn’t around.

Fast forward, Today I am a mom. Lord have mercy!!!! Everyday, I make sacrifices. For husband and children. In fact I don’t know who is a harder to take care of….husband or children. (Don’t let the husband read this post) 😀


Everyone looks up to you “mommy” for their survival and most times many people don’t remember to say thank you. Ýou sacrifice everything even toilet time, yes oh. ..I share toilet time with my kids. One can’t even have me time even if it’s in  the toilet. I’m using that time to teach small madam “toileting”.
From dawn to dusk, even at work, I am making sacrifices for my home (these sacrifices though exhausting are fulfilling).
Should I list my daily sacrifices? And insert the miscellaneous ones that pop up? I’ll weep.


Many days I expect a thank you, some times I get some, other times I get none. Even when I am sick, I miss my sacrificial duty. It comes with the package.
Mommying is not just about husband, children, housekeeping, appearances, multitasking etc etc…If you never have, add sacrifices to the list.

The sacrifices we make as mothers differ but are worth the while in the lives we sow them into. On behalf of those lives, I say thank you, and urge you not stop.
God grant us all long lives to reap the fruits of our sacrifices.



Many times I start crying for no just cause. Sometimes I see the heap of clothes, my assignments, advocacy work, and other chores and I feel so overwhelmed, I start crying.
Most times the boo has caught me crying, and 90% of the most times he is at a loss of how to help me, he just holds me or helps out anyhow he can. Most times I don’t even want a word or effort from him?

Recently my second gem fell ill and after praying, giving medications and tepid sponging, I didn’t see any changes. I felt so helpless and I started crying….
Some people will say or think “if mommy is crying then what should everyone do?”. Guess what, everyone expects mommies to work miracles, even mommies expect miracles from themselves but sometimes being a miracle worker can burn you out.

I have met other mommies who cry too and I don’t judge them because becoming a mom has shown me that crying is one way to cope with the pile of expectations laid at our feet. And for those that don’t cry…You are Golden moms. …

I cry because I need to let out steam, frustration and pain and gather strength for another trial. Cry it off….don’t store it for it leads to touchiness/bitterness

Bear hugs to all cry mommies out there….Our tears make us stronger



Mommying 101

There are many books that give clues to be a good parent or mother but the truth is most times when faced with reality, we forget all we have read and crammed….
So here’s what my own mommy told me and I take it as mommying 101, she said “Do your best, and enjoy being a mom”.
So to my fellow mommies, do your best, stumble, stand up and try again but hey enjoy the ride.